Chef’s Homemade Soup of the Day £4.25 Served with a crusty roll

Deep Fried Crispy Mushrooms £5.25 Served with stilton or fresh garlic mayo

Chefs Chicken Liver Pate £5.25 Served with oatcakes or toast

Prawn Cocktail £5.75 With mixed leaf salad

Deep Fried Brie £5.25 Served with a redcurrant jelly

Haggis Fritters £5.25 Served with whisky sauce

Special Garlic Bread £4.75 Topped with melted cheese and tomato

BBQ Chicken Wings £5.25

Mussels £6.45 Cooked with onion, chilli, garlic. Finished with basil and white wine cream


Steak & Guinness Pie £10.25 served with fresh veg and new potatoes or chips

Thai Beef & Egg Noodle Salad £9.45 With stir fry vegetables & a sweet chilli sauce

Haggis, Neeps & Tatties £9.25 Served with whisky sauce

Chicken Balmoral £11.45 Chicken Breast stuffed with Haggis, wrapped in Bacon served with a pepper sauce

Chicken or Beef Curry £9.75 Served with rice or chips and naan Bread

Vegetable Curry £8.45
Served with rice or chips and naan Bread

Deep Fried Breaded Scampi £10.25 Served-with chips & peas

Traditional Fish & Chips £10.45 Served with chips & peas

Lasagne £9.25 Served with salad and chips


Lemon Meringue Pie £4.75 Served with cream or vanilla ice cream

Warm Chocolate Fudge Cake £4.75 Served mixed berries & vanilla ice cream

Mint Chocolate Ice Cream Bombe £4.25

Apple Pie £4.75 Served with custard or vanilla ice cream

Raspberry & White Chocolate Pavlova £4.95

Chocolate Fudge Lumpy Bumpy £4.75 Served with cream or vanilla ice cream

Sticky Toffee Pudding £4.75 Served with butterscotch sauce

Chef’s Fruit Crumble £4.75 Served with custard or vanilla ice cream

Selection of Ice Creams £4.45

Selection of Cheeses £6.25 Served with oatcakes


Fish Fingers
Chicken Goujons
Baked Potato & Cheese
Macaroni Cheese
Mini Cheese & Tomato Pizza Served with chips and vegetables or beans
Vanilla Ice Cream Served with Sprinkles and Chocolate or Strawberry Sauce
Select a Juice From One of the Following:
Small Glass of Coke or Lemonade
Small Glass of Orange or Blackcurrant
Orange or Blackcurrant Capri Sun


Chilli Beef £8.45
Chilli Chicken £8.45
BBQ Chicken £8.45
Chicken, onion marmalade & crème fraiche £8.45
Mixed Vegetable & Tomato Salsa £7.75
All served with side salad & chips.

Freshly Filled Baguettes
Cheese & Onion £7.25
Tuna & Sweetcorn £8.25
Ham, Brie & Red Currant Jelly £8.25
Bacon & Cheese Melt £8.25
BBQ Chicken Melt £8.45
Steak, Onion C Mushrooms £9.45
All served with side salad & chips.

Nachos & Burgers
Nachos with tomato salsa and sour cream £6.45
Chilli Beef Nachos £7.45
Chicken Goujons, Salad, Chips & Dip £9.45
Cheese Burger, Salad & Chips £8.95
Cheese & Bacon Burger, Salad & Chips £9.45
Cajun Chicken Burger, Salad & Chips £9.45


Cheese & onion £5.25
Egg Mayonnaise £5.25
BLT – Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato £5.75
Chicken Mayo £5.75
Tuna & Sweetcorn £5.45
All served with side salad and crisps

Baked Potatoes
Cheese & Pickle £5.25
Cheese & Coleslaw £5.25
Cheese C Onion £5.25
Tuna & Sweetcorn £5.45
Chicken Mayo £6.25
Coronation Chicken £6.25
Prawn Marie-Rose £6.75
All served with side salad

Chips £2.95
Onion Rings £1.95
Coleslaw £1.25
Garlic Bread £2.95
Add cheese £1.00

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